Yes, I'm back.

I'm finally back in Japan.

Not so long away from home actually: it's only been a little less than two years since my last return to this land of Sushi. However, I'm already missing something....
Sushi is fantastic here, absolutely no doubt about it. Yet I'm feeling a little nostalgic rather than melancholic: it may be about Vietnam's motorbike-chaos or Indonesia's humidity in the air or Africa's vast wilderness or Latin America's happy-go-lucky vibes. I really don't know what it is, to be honest with you.

Since I came back here, people often say to me "welcome back to reality" instead of "welcome back home". What do they mean? "Welcome back to our workaholic country!" or "Welcome back to our fad-oriented society!" or "Welcome back to our endless rat-race!"....? Thanks dudes. But I didn't come back here to join any of them.

My reality for the past few years has been to chase one of my ordinary dreams - travel and surf around the world without working.
So colorful and so delightful, everything I saw and experienced are still vivid in my memory.
You might think that I've become hardy now by travelling to so many countries and surfing such various spots. The fact is, Noooo. Not at all. I'm still so vulnerable to many things. I'm still confused about myself. I'm still wondering if I could hit back on the road tomorrow. And I'm still learning to live. Simple.

While Air Esky rests its wings for now, my hopeless day-dreaming never ends.
A new chapter Air Esky in Japan begins from now on.


Click the photo below to see a photo album for my RTW trip between 2013 and early 2014.
(Note: Some of the photos were taken by Ryusuke, Jemsav and Eli. Thanks!)
Go to Air Esky's photo album


It's been just over two months since I came back to Japan, and it's actually been funny to be back here as many things (and many people) seem quite foreign to me.
Having neither anti-establishment thoughts nor anti-capitalistic ideas, yet my mind strongly refuses spending money for giant brands or letting myself be dragged into daily grind or engaging in serious conversations with business-oriented people: I'm still not working at all. Thus, I'm not earning any money at this moment.








I try to look for a glimpse of light, a glimpse of charm and a glimpse of bizarreness in this country.
Japan is definitely unique in many ways, but I often miss capturing these moments recently because I don't always carry my camera.








Browsing through the photos I've taken before always tells myself how I was and what I was thinking/feeling at the time of shooting them. Somehow, many of the photos I've taken in Japan look quite mundane or lacking in colours to my eyes. Is this a pure reflection on how I am and what I'm feeling these days....? I don't know. You tell me.

Oh, there is still one colourful thing in my recent album.
These aren't only colourful, but also very delightful in my mouth :-)


20150516 Air Esky Spring 01

It's been a while since my last post on Air Esky: no excuse at all this time and I hate to say that I've been busy....
So, I've been too laid back recently and haven't been outside Japan since my return from T this late March.

I came back here in time for worshipping the world's most beautiful pink - さくら (cherry blossoms). Unfortunately, many of them seemed to be rained out this spring or I was just too busy doing something else and missed their best and shortest flourishing moment.

The photos below show just a few of what my camera captured over this spring.

20150516 Air Esky Spring 02

20150516 Air Esky Spring 03

20150516 Air Esky Spring 04

20150516 Air Esky Spring 05

20150516 Air Esky Spring 06

20150516 Air Esky Spring 07

20150516 Air Esky Spring 08

20150516 Air Esky Spring 09

20150516 Air Esky Spring 10

20150516 Air Esky Spring 11

20150516 Air Esky Spring 12

Japan is funny and alienating to even this very Japanese vagabond: yes, I am still Japanese as of May 2015!
Moreover, living back in this monotonous city - Nagoya - every so often conjures up memories of my great time travelling around the world for the past few years. This is a dilemma inside me and it's also reality vs dreams. I simply have to process it for a while.

Luckily enough, I know the best cure for my freedom-seeking mind and it's within a couple of hours by car from Nagoya.

20150516 Air Esky Spring 21

20150516 Air Esky Spring 22

Still having no account on Facebook (forever no!) and no Instagram and no Linkedin (a bit tempted), but yes to Twitter. Sadly....
I'm trying not to spend too much time surfing on the Internet these days, but more time out there in the water.
I sense a little warm moist air right now as Typhoon No.7 (aka Dolphin) is coming up over the next few days. My beloved sticky summer is also gradually on its way here :-)




I love Japan's summer not only because of its yucky sticky hot weather, especially around Central Japan, but also because of the fact that so many festivities such as fire-works and Bon-dances take place locally. The transitional season from summer to autumn might even be better than the middle of summer as people including geeks, dorks, costume-players and even robots go out to enjoy the sun before miserable freezing winter strikes here.










Strangely enough, this year might have experienced the driest autumn ever in history as I could only count with my five fingers how many days it's properly rained in and around Nagoya.
I remember it was Typhoon No.18 (aka ETAU) which was the only one that passed Central Japan within a few hours on September 9th and then my beloved humid summer drastically disappeared ever since; Normally, we have at least two or three typhoons coming very close or passing by and the sticky summer lingers on till late September. A shame.
The photo below shows Nagoya's blue sky right after ETAU rushed through us.


Surfing-wise, there has been no shortage of typhoons for Japan, and for me.
Many thanks to the effects of El Niño, I scored lots of waves around the coast of Aichi and Shizuoka, although I must admit that this El Niño phenomenon completely changed the swell directions in comparison to those swells generated by the past typhoons; We had tons of swells coming from south east in the Pacific this year, whereas, many typhoons usually emerge south west of Japan. Bizarre!





No overseas travels and no surf adventures to be had recently, but I've discovered something to die for. It's a Japanese ice cream called "たい焼きアイス - Taiyaki Ice" with vanilla and sweet red beans in it. I can have three or four of these at once!


2015 Flyer Air_Esky_550x330

***** ENG *****
After more than five years of running Air Esky, I'm stoked to announce that I'll be holding a photo exhibition on the 2nd floor of Plastic Factory in Imaike, Nagoya on November 29th (Sun). There will be lots of "real photos" to be displayed then, some of which you might already have seen on this blog, and others are new or have never been exposed to the public eye before.
The above image is the flier for the event. As you can see, this special night will partly be an open-mic event on the 1st floor where you can sing acapella or bring and play your own guitar or do a little gig with your mates as a band; Basically, however the way you like to cheer the crowds. And please make sure you come up to the 2nd floor where my exhibition will be taking place.

Whether you wanna play songs or come to check out my photos or both, it's 1,000yen to enter with one drink ticket included. I'm sorry that it's not free of charge. However, if you show up between 17pm and 18:30pm, they only charge you 500yen to enter with no drink ticket but my big kiss.

See you all on the 29th!

***** JPN *****
どうも! 久々に日本語でブログ記事を書いてます。
そうです! 知らない人もいたかもしれませんが(?)自分は生粋の日本人です。

今回は何を隠そう「僕の写真展」に関するお知らせです。 名古屋の今池にある Plastic Factory というクラブ兼ギャラリーの2階をお借りして今月の29日(日)のみですが開催が決定しました。 写真展と謳ったからには本当に現像した写真を「これでもかっ!」っていうくらいに会場内に展示する予定です。
当日は オープンマイク というアマチュア・プロを問わずに飛び入り参加できるステージ開放イベントも1階にて同時開催。 自身の歌唱力や楽器の腕前を披露したり、ブレイクダンスやフラメンコなどといったパフォーマンスなど何でも結構です。 そしてそんなエネルギッシュな1階とは裏腹に2階で僕はひっそりと一夜限りの写真展をやりますので気が向いたら足を運んで下さい。

本来ならば「入場料なし」で皆さんに来ていただきたいのですが、2階スペースをお借りしていいる手前、当日はドリンク券一枚込みの 1,000円 を頂きますのでご了承ください。 しかしながら、僕の写真展のみのために足を運ばれたい方がいましたら、当日17時から18時30分の間に入場していただくとドリンク券なしの 500円 で入場可能です。