***** ENG *****
Since last night I've been staying at Mai-Lan's place located near the tram station called "CITE UNIVERSITAIRE" in the city.

Super nice of her to let me stay at her place while I'm in Paris. And lucky me, I don't have to pay for an expensive Paris hostel, though I have to share Mai-Lan's living room with her brother Kim (and his new girlfriend who visits him and sleeps with him almost every night....).

***** JPN *****
昨晩から友達の Mai-Lan のはからいでパリ市内にある "CITE UNIVERSITAIRE" という路面電車が走っている駅の近くにある彼女のアパートに滞在中。

パリは言うまでもなく年がら年中 観光客で賑わう場所。 ホステルと言えど決して安くはない 。 Mai-Lan の心遣いに本当に感謝 (僕は彼女のアパートのリビングルームにあるクッション兼ベッドで寝泊まり。 Mai-Lan の弟の Kim も現在居候中のため Kim と彼の新しい彼女とこのリビングを共有。 ちょい違和感あり。。。)。



***** ENG *****
Anyway, She invited me to her friends' gathering for dinner tonight (The girl on the very left in the above photo is Mai-Lan).

We went to the Korean BBQ restaurant, not a French restaurant. Don't ask me why.

After having too much "Western" food, the Korean BBQ and Kimuchi were soooo good for me. All Mai-Lan's friends were also very nice and lovely.

I'm Asian before I'm Japanese.

***** JPN *****
今晩は Mai-Lan と彼女の大学時代の友達3人と一緒に晩御飯に出掛けた (上の写真の一番左にいる髪の短い女の子が Mail-Lan)。

そして、僕らが行ったレストランは。。。 韓国焼き肉店。 フランス料理は暫しおあずけ。

今日まで "またかっ!" というくらいに洋食尽くしだったので、焼き肉とキムチが激ウマ。 そして Mai-Lan の友達は皆気さくでとても楽しい時間を過ごせた。




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