***** ENG *****
Supertubos wasn't looking good so I surfed at Molhe Leste this morning. Waves this morning were a little strange as the swells seemed to come from two directions - the west and the south - and the waves often jacked up all of a sudden very close to the jetty of Molhe Leste.
The local surfers were really hard on me and they didn't let me take any good ones. Bastards!

***** JPN *****
今朝は Supertubos があまり良くなさそうに見えたので Molhe Leste で波乗り。 今朝は南からのウネリと西からのウネリが入ってきていたようで、Molhe Leste にある長い堤防の近くでこの二つのウネリがぶつかり、急に膨れ上がるという少し変な波だった。
地元サーファーが数人いたのだが、こいつらのきついマークにあい良い波には1本も乗れなかった。 畜生!


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