***** ENG *****
I'm leaving Peniche for Lisbon by bus today.
Although waves weren't perfect during my stay here, I really enjoyed this little sea-side town.

Two great aspects of Peniche are:

1) Quite a few surf spots within walking distance
I could always choose where I wanted to surf depending on the swell-directions as well as the wind-directions of the day.

2) Everything was cheap
During my two-week stay here, I spent just over EUR300 in total and the cost includes food, accommodation and transportation between Lisbon and Peniche, though I quite often cooked for myself and didn't have any alcohol.

***** JPN *****

以下は簡単だが ペニーチェ の素晴らしいところ:

1) 徒歩で行ける距離内にサーフスポットが幾つも存在する
其の日其の時の 風の向き や ウネリの方向 などによって、どの場所で波乗りをしたいかいつも選択肢があること。

2) 全て安い
約 2週間 の滞在中、食事と宿とリスボン・ペニーチェ間の往復バス代を全て含めても 300ユーロ をちょこっと超えるくらいで済んだ。 もちろんほとんど外食はせず、自炊中心の生活で、滞在中 アルコール類 は一切口にしていない。



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