***** ENG *****
The above photo shows the dinner Louis cooked for us tonight. No meat, just vegetables and fish. And it was really good.
A funny thing was that even while he was cooking, he never shut his mouth up! No wonder it took him nearly 3 hours to get everything done. Yet, he is a good cook for sure now.

***** JPN *****
上の写真は今日の晩御飯。 Louis が僕らの為に料理してくれた。 肉は一切使わず、野菜と魚のみ。 すごく美味しかった。
Louis は料理中も絶えずしゃべりまくるので、出来上がるまでに 2~3時間 はかかる。 それでも彼の料理の腕は確かだ。


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