***** ENG *****
It was only a couple of weeks ago when I had to go to hospital in Sao Paulo. And here in Montevideo I had to go to hospital "again"!

This time it is due to my unstoppable coughing: I haven't been feeling well since I left Iguasu waterfalls (the Argentinian-side), and now my coughing is out of control, especially at night when I go to sleep.
I'm sick of being sick now and this coughing wouldn't stop anytime soon unless I take some proper medicine.

***** JPN *****

今回は咳がひどい。 イグアスの滝(アルゼンチン側)を訪れて以来、少し体調はおかしかったのだが、ここにきて咳が発作的に出だし全く止らない。 特に夜の就寝前がひどい。 自然治癒しそうな気配は全くなく、咳止めの薬なんて常備していない。 病院で適切な処方箋を出してもらうしかなかった。


***** ENG *****
My doctor wasn't able to speak English this time so a nurse was translating him for me - I should say that the nurse was translating me for him. The nurse's name was Anita. She had red hair and very helpful :-)
After I explained to him my symptoms (I also told him about what happened to me in Sao Paulo), he examined my pulse and lungs with an X-ray and concluded that "perhaps" a viral infection I had in Brazil was still lingering on.... Really?!

***** JPN *****
今回診てもらったお医者さんは英語が話せなかったので看護婦さんが彼の通訳を僕にしてくれた。 って言うかこの看護婦さんが僕の通訳を彼にしてくれた。 看護婦さんは アニータ という名前の赤毛の女の子。
自分はお医者さんに最近の症状を伝え、サンパウロでのウィルス感染の話もした。 そして彼は僕の脈拍を確認しレントゲン撮影した呼吸器官を確認すると、 ”おそらくブラジル滞在中に感染したウィルスがまだくすぶっているのではないかなっ” と一言。 ほんとかよっ?!


***** ENG *****
I wasn't quite sure if my doctor's diagnostic was really right, but he gave me a prescription for my coughing and also for my "lingering viral infection".
I went to a pharmacy later on and bought some syrup for my coughing and some pills for my viral infection. I started taking both immediately, but I'm STILL coughing a lot. What's wrong with meeeee?

***** JPN *****
病院を後にし近くにあった薬屋へ行くと処方箋に記してあった 咳止めシロップ と ウィルス抗体の錠剤 を購入し、僕はそれらを直ぐに試してみたのだが、咳は止まらない。 誰かこの咳を止めてくれー!


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