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This photo below was taken when I was going to the main train station by public mini-bus from Colombo airport.

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Public mini-bus in Colombo

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As the bus was packed with all Sri Lankans who were going to work during the morning rush-hour, I had to sit under my surfboard case (7ft long!) for an hour or so. It looks funny, but it was such a tiny space that I squeezed myself in and my back and legs were aching a lot then.
I also had to pay Four Times More than all the other passengers because my board case took up four seats....
Why didn't I catch a taxi to the main station? Because it's bloody expensive! Furthermore, I was somehow so determined to do the cheapest and the most difficult way to travel around Sri Lanka.
As I've already had a bad experience with buses in Indonesia before, today's bus-ride could indicate that travelling in Sri Lanka by public transport may not be the cleverest way for me to do.

***** JPN *****
朝の通勤時間と重なってバスは仕事に向かうスリランカ人でほぼ満員状態。 結局、僕は1時間ほどの間、自分のサーフボードケースの下にもぐる破目に。 写真では何も問題無いように見えるが、足や背中が痛いっ。
更に痛いのが、 4人分の運賃 も支払う羽目に。 それもこれもこの サーフボードケース が4人分の座席を占拠してしまったから。。。。
何故 タクシーで駅まで移動しないのかって? タクシーは高すぎる! そして何故か僕はスリランカの旅を ”可能な限り安く” 済ませようと決めていたのでこのような手段をとることに。
インドネシア滞在中 僕は既に 一度痛い経験をバス移動 でしているので、このミニバスの移動が今後のスリランカ国内の移動手段をどうするか決める重要な判断材料になるかも。。。。


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