I caught an overnight bus from JR Kachigawa station in Kasugai-city to Shinjuku in Tokyo last night. Unlike those overnight buses in Latin America, this Japanese overnight bus arrived in Shinjuku right on time at 6am this morning. The ride was so easy and I didn't have to worry about having my bags stolen or being robbed.
Despite the fact that the seat wasn't fully reclinable, it was comfortable enough and the fare was JPY3,500 (about USD43.70): less than half the fare for a Shinkan-sen on the same route.

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" Yeaaaaah, Tokyoooooo ! "

That's how I used to be every time I visited this most populous and most hectic city in the world, but now I'm not keen on visiting this metropolis at all. I'm too old for this kind of lightning-fast-pace city. Nevertheless, I always enjoy some enigmas that only Tokyo and no other cities in the world has to offer.

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My reasons to come to Tokyo this time are:
1) To catch up with my friend Laura who I haven't seen for almost five years.
2) To catch a flight tomorrow afternoon at Narita airport for Atlanta.

So I met up with Laura in Shibuya for dinner tonight. We used to cruise around Nagoya by conquering almost all Nagoya's nightclub scenes: yes, I used to go partying a lot every single weekend. It was great to see her again in a little underground Izakaya, a great choice, Laura! It was such a nice escape from the flooding people in Shibuya.
One thing to note here is that she asked me to join Facebook.... Well, she wasn't the first one to ask me about it, but I nicely declined her offer. My principle on this matter is always the same - Never yield to the power and never yield to Facebook! Therefore, I will be travelling without Facebook or Lonely Planet again this time.

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I stayed at Khaosan Kabuki Tokyo in Asakusa while in Tokyo. It was my first time to stay in a Japanese hostel and I must admit that I quite enjoyed my stay at this hostel, very clean and very friendly staff in such a very convenient location. The price was JPY2,500 (about USD31.25) per night for a 4-bed dorm without breakfast.

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My last RTW trip was from the east to the west, but this time I go the other way round.
I'm flying from Tokyo via Minneapolis and Atlanta to San Salvador in El Salvador by Delta Airlines. Don't ask me why I have two stop-overs. I used my saved mileage and my flight schedule turned out to be two stop-overs.
As much as I'm excited about heading to Central America as for my second time, I'm super-excited about going to Atlanta for one reason: two of my friends - Rob and Nicole - will be waiting for my visit there.
The last time I saw them was in April, 2005 at their fantastic wedding in Atlanta and now they have settled there with two kids whom I haven't met yet.
Time to catch up with my old-time friends!

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