Rob (from Melbourne, Oz) and Nicole (from Atlanta) were living in Nagoya about ten years ago and we've become friends ever since then.
I came to Atlanta in April 2005 for the first time to attend their wedding. We had such a great time then, and that super-crazy buck's party (aka bachelor party) with Rob and all his mates in Las Vegas and New Orleans before the wedding is still unforgettable today: lots of laughter and lots of booze....
It's been over seven years since my last visit in Atlanta now. As I could not really see Atlanta during my last visit, I'm going to explore a bit of this 1996-Olympics city this time while I'm crashing at Rob and Nicole's place with their lovely kids - Harper and Finley.


Little did I know that the head office of Coca-Cola is in Atlanta, and also that the original Coca-Cola recipe was formulated by a man in Georgia called John Pemberton.
The World of Coca Cola is the museum located in downtown Atlanta dedicated to exhibit the whole history of Coca Cola.


I hardly had a chance to drink Coca Cola when I was a kid. My mum never allowed me to, she even told me that Coke would melt my body if I would ever have a sip of it! Partly true, I guess.
Time passed now and since I travelled through South America and Central America where it was much easier to buy a bottle of Coke than a bottle of water, I've unwisely become addicted to this sugary drink.


This Coca Cola museum was a bad honeypot for me as there was a section called "Taste It!" inside the museum where I could actually try all Coca-Cola related soft drinks for free.
Needless to say, I tried everything (probably 40 different types of soft drink) and my belly started to get upset a bit.




Amongst all the drinks at "Taste It!" section, the "worst" one was from Italy called "Beverly" as shown in the photo below. It tasted like some awfully bitter syrup for a cold.


My favourite one was from Chile called "Manzana Lift" as shown in the photo below. It was based on apple (I'm guessing). It tasted very similar to Appletizer. Super refreshing!


Across from the Coca-Cola museum, there is an aquarium which is said to be the largest aquarium in the world. (My favourite aquarium is Kaiyu-kan in Osaka, Japan actually.)


The world's largest aquarium?
No wonder there are three whale sharks in the tank. It was very impressive to see this huge tank with all kinds of fish, and humans (divers).


My stay in Atlanta was awesome.
Many many thanks to Rob and Nicole for having me at their place (Rob took me to a baseball game on Sunday as well).
It was great to see them with their super-genki kids.
By staying at their place and actually seeing how their live evolve (or change?), a lot of things popped up in my head to ponder about, amongst them was "What is a family?"

Family . . . . .

I never thought of wanting to have my own when I was younger, but this thought has now started to change;

My own family?

Not now. But in the future. Maybe.

Thanks again to Rob and Nicole!


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