Rob kindly drove me to the international airport in Atlanta. It was before sunrise. Nicole and the kids were still sleeping then.
Some people dislike Delta Airlines, but I disagree with them. I've never had any dramas or trouble with the airline before and I believe that Delta offers much better service than some other rubbish American airlines.


I arrived in San Salvador around midday without any problems. It was cloudy and hot. Sticky hot actually! This is my second visit in El Salvador and I felt good to be back here.

My very reason for re-visiting this country is simply because I want to surf in this country more than the last time (Click here to see more details of my last visit in El Salvador.)


Most of my last stay in El Salvador was based in El Tunco, but this time I thought of staying in El Zonte for the first few days because I never went there before and a few of my friends also told me that there were some good waves in El Zonte with few crowds. However, accommodation in El Zonte turned out to be a little more expensive than expected. Therefore, I ended up staying in El Tunco this time again.

"El Tubo" is the name of a guesthouse owned by local surfer Papaya in El Tunco and I stayed there this past June. Its sister guesthouse "Papaya's Lodge" also located in El Tunco and only a couple of hundred meters away from each other. I decided to stay in Papaya's Lodge this time.


The above photo shows a room at Papaya's Lodge that I checked in for USD8.00 (The mosquito-net is mine), a super basic single private room with a shared bathroom and no breakfast included, but it's only 8 US dollars per night and I don't have to share it with others. No complains!

I only spent 8 days in El Salvador the last time. This time I came here to surf, surf and surf. So I'll be staying here as long as I want, or as long as my visa allows me to.



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