It's been raining cats and dogs since Monday and I'm stuck in El Tunco.
Unfortunately, there's been no surf due to the heavy rain and I'm actually ready to get the hell out of here. My next destination is La Antigua, Guatemala. However, a bridge near the boarder of El Salvador and Guatemala is broken by floods now....
Rod and Priscila, a Brazilian couple who I got to know here, and I booked a shuttle for USD25.00 to go to La Antigua for today, but it's now postponed due to this flooding; a huge hurricane is coming up this way now. The swell forecast doesn't look good either for Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala for at least the next five days.


When there is no surf, all I do tends to be just eating.
Eating a lot but not excessively is Okay as long as I surf for at least a couple of hours every day. However, having the same amount of food when there is no surf is no good for my body. Yet my mind still tells me to eat as much. I can't help it....


A lady who works at Papaya's Lodge made Pupusa for guests today.
Pupusa is basically a corn tortilla filled with cheese and other things such as meat and beans. This is said to be a traditional El Salvadorian dish.


It looks like a choco-chip cookie, but the brown stuff is mashed red beans and it tastes like big senbeis (a Japanese rice cracker). Fresh and warm Pupusas are really yummy.


Kyoko became crazy about this particular ice-cream (pictured below). I didn't believe her in the beginning, but she insisted that I should try it. So I did and I've become a big fan for this ice-cream ever since then.


It looks and tastes like a cheap version of Cookie & Cream (actually better than that!). I now have a pile of them in the freezer at Papaya's Lodge.


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