Guatemala wasn't really on my radar in the beginning. Nevertheless, this country is located between El Salvador and Mexico, and Mexico is the country which I eventually want to reach for more surfing. It is inevitable for me to travel through Guatemala as for the second time.


It's been raining quite a lot here and all the major roads are flooded.
I was keen to check out what the surf would be like on the coast of Guatemala: a few beach-breaks in this country are said to be good and only one or two bus-rides from La Antigua. However, I decided not to go surfing in Guatemala as the chance of scoring decent waves on the coast, with this severe rain storm all around the region, will be very very slim.
The photos below were taken when it stopped raining for a little while.





Being stuck in La Antigua due to this rain-storm, all I've been doing in this tiny colonial town is to cruise around and eat.
I don't wanna eat too much when I don't go surfing, but I tend to do it almost unconsciously these days. The worst thing is my appetite for chocolate. It's almost unstoppable, especially after I found this chocolate & coffee shop as pictured below.



Supposedly, it's all made in Guatemala and I taste pure cacao with butter, no shabby margarine: I can easily notice the difference and using vegetable oil for making chocolate is the worst recipe! These Guatemalan chocolate bars aren't cheap, though.


Other than continuously consuming chocolate, I was invited to Rod and Priscila's guesthouse for dinner one night (Rod and Priscila are from Brazil, and I met them in El Salvador a few weeks ago).



I cooked pasta with chicken and veggies (Easy!) and Rod cooked lentils in a Brazilian way.
It was good to get together with them for such lovely dinner when it was raining and cold outside. Oh, Priscila made some Brazilian sweets which turned out to be very sweeeeeet!



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