Rod and Priscila will stay in La Antigua for a few more days and will be heading to Flores, Tikal, etc. while I'm moving on to San Cristobal de las Casas in Mexico by a shuttle (A long name! San-Cris hereafter). The shuttle-bus ticket was GTQ240.00 (about USD30.00) and I bought it at the travel agent called Yellow House.

I was picked up at six in the morning and it was pissing-rain then.


For some reason I had to change the vehicle twice - the first shuttle was only up to the outside of La Antigua / Guatemala City and I changed to a dark-blue van then, and changed again at the border to a mini-bus. I was never told about this when I bought my ticket.




When the mini-bus finally arrived in San-Cris, it was almost 8pm, already dark and a bit chilly as this little municipal city of Chiapas region is located in the central highland of Mexico (about 2,200m in altitude).
Not only was I glad to get here without any problems, but also I was happy to know that no more rain was following me.

I checked in at El Hostalito - a really cool hostel combined with a bicycle shop on the ground floor.
Despite the fact that I booked for a 8-bed dormitory, the owner kindly placed me into a little private room with a very comfortable double-bed for the same price after I told him that I would stay at this hostel for 5 nights. Lucky me!



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