My initial plan was to stay in Barra de la Cruz for only a week or so, but I ended up staying in this tiny village for three weeks. This is mostly because the surf has been very good and consistent.

The below are some of the events that have taken place over the past three weeks;

1. Cabanas Pepe

Cabanas Pepe is probably one of the cheapest guesthouses I've ever stayed in before.
The owner of this guesthouse - Pepe - speaks very good English, loves to play baseball and takes great care of local kids. He is a champion!


My room at Pepe's is a super-basic single private, but it's only MXN90.00 (about USD7.00) per night with a shared bathroom.
As shown in the photo below, it's just a bed with a mosquito-net, but I've come here for surfing. I don't need a TV or a fridge or a girl.


There is always a lady in the kitchen who cooks for our breakfast, lunch and dinner (No wonder she is often so busy and grumpy).
The photo below is one of the dishes I often order for dinner - a grilled fish with rice and a small salad.


My most favourite dish is actually a simple pan-cake in the morning.
This little burnt pan-cake is the best and it goes so well with syrup as well as a cup of strong coffee :)


2. Banana on Pizza!

It's often full-house at Cabanas Pepe and guests are from all over the world such as Australia, England, France, Brazil, USA, Canada, etc. (Canadian surfers. eh? Most of them are beginners, though).


Every now and then we go out for dinner together.
"Going out" in this tiny village hardly means "Going out to cruise around". Going out for dinner in Barra de la Cruz literally and only means that we have four to five places to choose within 300 to 400 meters from Cabanas Pepe.

Amongst our available options, there is a pizza restaurant and we often go there for dinner.
One night Crystal from Vancouver insisted that we should try a banana pizza in the menu because she'd already tried it before and she really liked it.
Somehow, we were easily convinced by her and ordered a large size of banana-pizza then.


It was such a disaster!!!

I didn't like it at all. Maria (from Spain) and Yann (from Norway) didn't like it either. Yann actually didn't talk to Crystal for a little while afterwards because of this yucky banana pizza.
Don't get me wrong. All the other pizzas that we had were really good and the restaurant owner was very cool. It was just that banana on a pizza which wasn't for everyone. Make no mistake about that!

3. Chocolate Dish

Other than the pizza restaurant, there is a little hidden restaurant located opposite to the pizza place. I say "hidden" because there is no sign in front of this restaurant and only local people go there to eat.
Presumably, no name given to this restaurant, it is run by a local Mexican woman and her daughter. Needless to say, they have no menu, but we just ask them what they have for the day.

The photo below shows a dish called "Chile Relleno" - a mild chile stuffed with beef, chicken, cheese, etc.


The one I had was with chicken and veggies.
It was so good, especially with a warm corn tortilla.


What was even much better than the Chile Relleno was a dish called "Mole".
Believe it or not (I didn't believe it in the beginning), this Oaxaca's best known dish is made from chillies, spices and chocolate!!!

" Chocolate on top of rice?? No way! " I first thought.

But me being a chocoholic, how could I resist to this already chocolate-coloured dish?
It was actually delicious!


If neither of the above dishes is big enough nor good enough for you, a real Mexican taco is always available at this hidden restaurant for you.


4. Surfing with GoPro Camera Again

As waves have been very consistent at Barra de la Cruz for the past three weeks, I've been surfing here with no day-off.
Like what I did at K59 in El Salvador a little while ago, here are my GoPro shots at Barra de la Cruz.








Lots of fun waves, though I couldn't come out of that barrel. Ahhh.....
I'm still not happy with my surfing skills at all.
I need to keep practicing more with turns, cut-backs and barrel-riding!

5. Our Search

Rod and Priscila, a Brazilian couple I met in El Salvador a month ago, are now staying in Huatulco and they've hired a taxi-driver to come down to Barra de la Cruz every morning to surf.

Jake (a goofy-footer from Sunshine Coast, Australia), Rod, Priscila and I one day decided to do our own search somewhere between Barra de la Cruz and Salina Cruz for a "secret" right-hander pointbreak.

As a matter of fact, Barra de la Cruz is only one right-hander pointbreak amongst five to six other unknown breaks in this region. That 2006 Rip Curl Search introduced Barra de la Cruz to the rest of the world and that's why we are here right now. However, it's clearly visible on Google Map that there are other pointbreaks which should resemble Barra de la Cruz and create similar waves to those of Barra de la Cruz.
So we went with Rod and Priscila's cab-driver Gabriel.
(The photo below from left: Jake, Rod, Priscila and Gabriel)


Little did we know that it was actually not easy for us to find these unknown pointbreaks as we didn't bring a map and there were no signs on the road. Furthermore, our driver Gabriel was not a surfer, he had no clue what we were seriously after.
We wished that we had a GPS, but we realized that we were in Mexico!

And the result of our search was ....



No waves!

We did reach a few beaches with pointbreak-settings and we even risked Gabriel's nearly write-off vehicle into a heavy gravel road a few times (Gabriel started begging us not to go any further. Hahaha). But we found no waves in the end.

In fact, a couple of the beaches that we went to must be highly potential for long right-hander waves. It was however the swell on this day - too small for even a 5 year-old grommet to catch a shorebreak.


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