As shown in the above photo, after three weeks of consistent swells at Barra de la Cruz, waves finally disappeared today.
Special thanks to Barra de la Cruz and to all the local guys in the water as well as the staff-members of the restaurant on the beach.

Now it's time for me to move on!

A guy from USA (I forgot his name), Jake and I shared a taxi to Huatulco as shown in the photo below.
In Huatulco the American guy flew back home and Jake took an overnight bus to Oaxaca City while I hopped onto a bus to Puerto Escondido. Everybody was spreading out.


A village like Barra de la Cruz which is stress-free and peaceful is much more to my liking than a touristy and noisy Puerto Escondido.
The only reason for me to re-visit this town is to score some waves. I only mean "some waves", which are not necessarily those 15-foot monster waves, though.

However, like the conditions at Barra de la Cruz today, waves at Zicatela Beach turned out to be tiny when I arrived late afternoon. I wonder if there will be any ridable waves tomorrow.



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