The water in Barra de la Cruz in the last couple of weeks was actually quite chilly. Even local Barra boys were shivering then.
Whereas, the water in Puerto Escondido was warm and crystal-clear with lots of fish, especially small rays, swimming around. It was such a nice feeling to go into the water with only my board-shorts on.
I actually fell over last night on my way back from Super Che (Dodgy me!) and the gash was quite bloody, I decided to go surfing this morning regardless of the injury.

The photos below were taken today with my Pentax WG-1 as well as my GoPro camera.






Waves at Zicatela Beach were no huge this morning, about 3ft and no winds. Good enough for me.
I had a few barreling waves, but I could never come out of them. I just got sucked straight into Zicatela's notorious washing machine.





As the swell-forecast over the next few days are looking very small for all the southern Pacific coast of Mexico, I'm gonna rush through Puerto Escondido this time.

A treat to finalize my time in Puerto Escondido tonight was a bunch of tacos.
I found this taco-stand (5 tacos for MXN25.00) just outside the mini-supermarket. Cheap, good and clean.


I was just wandering around the main street of Puerto Escondido after having about 10 tacos and trying to digest what just went into my stomach when I noticed a nice-looking jewelry-shop as pictured below.
I walked into it just to have a look. And there Vandielli (the Brazilian guy who gave me a lift to and from the beach of Barra de la Cruz about three weeks ago) sitting at the counter. Surprise. Surprise.

I was only browsing a few necklaces and bracelets as I was chatting with Vandielli, and then one shining turquoise caught my eyes.
I gazed at it and asked him;

"How much is this turquoise, Vandielli?"

He then replied to me with a little grin on his face;

"Oh, this one?! I'll give it to you as a gift for your safe journey."

"Whaaat?! No No No! I'll buy it from you." I insisted.


But Vandielli refused my offer. He then quickly made a necklace with the stone and just handed it to me.

I didn't know what to say, but I was rather overwhelmed by his generosity.

Vandielli, you are my true legend!
I cannot thank you enough.


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