After my quick visit in Puerto Escondido, my next destination was Oaxaca City (with no surf).
I've already been there before, but I was only there for one day during my last visit. So I'm gonna spend at least a few days in Oaxaca City to indulge myself with Mexican chocolate. Hehehe
In fact, if Barra de la Cruz wasn't that much firing, I would have been in Oaxaca City in time for "the day of the dead". But too late now....







Around Oaxaca City there are a few major archaeological sites that I've wanted to check out.
The below are two of the ruins that I went to;

1. Mitla

It's said to have been a very important Zapotec city.
It took me and Jake (the Australian surfer who I met at Barra de la Cruz) two hours to get there from Oaxaca City, but there was nothing impressive or photogenic here.

Both Jake and I, while we were strolling around the site, were asking each other; "Is this it? Did you find anything interesting??"



2. Monte Alban

It's registered as a UNESCO world heritage site and a little more impressive than Mitla because of its scale, although I found some Mayan architecture more intriguing and more photogenic than Monte Alban.

I went to Monte Alban by myself, catching a direct shuttle from Oaxaca City (I forgot the fare).
Honestly speaking, there wasn't much that appealed to me here. However, I somehow spent all afternoon trying to discover something interesting to me.
As a result, the last shuttle back to Oaxaca City had already left when I exited the site.
I had to catch a taxi instead. Bugger me....





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