I really like the varieties of food that Oaxaca region has.
Tacos are everywhere in Mexico and I've already had them a number of times. So I was keen on trying something new other than ordinary tacos this time.

The photos below are some of the Mexican / Oaxacan dishes that I had while in Oaxaca City.

1. Quesadilla

The photo below shows a cheese and bean quesadilla. I had it on my way to Mitla.
A Mexican lady warmed a big tortilla on a stove and wrapped cheese and mashed beans inside.
It's kinda Mexican fast-food like tacos. Very cheap and good.


2. Enchilada

The photo below shows an Enchilada that I tried in the food-court one afternoon.
It was chicken with tortilla and cheese. Very tasty, but it was a little too greasy for me.


3. Tlayuda

I found this dish quite peculiar to Oaxaca - a big fried tortilla on which cheese, veggies and pieces of beef are put. I didn't know this at all until I saw a Mexican woman who sat next to me at a restaurant eating it.
I would call this dish a Mexican pizza (?). It was very very good. I highly recommend it for everyone.


4. Mole (Negro)

Apparently, Mole varies from one region to another and it's not only Mole Negro (the black sauce). There are green Mole and yellow Mole based on the spices used for them.


Like the one that I had in Barra de la Cruz a couple of weeks ago, me being a serious chocoholic, I chose the black one which was made from chocolate and spices.


Mind you. This dish is no sweet, the sauce is thick and rich. It actually tastes quite similar to one of the Japanese dishes called Hayashi Rice.
Mole Negro is my all-time favourite Mexican dish for sure.


5. Tequila and Mezcal

Tequila, made from a specific type of cactus, is a well-known Mexican liquor, but I never tried it while in Mexico. It was simply because I didn't wanna get too drunk when the surf was supposed to be good the next day.

Mezcal is another strong liquor from Mexico and said to be similar to Tequila. I was tempted to try this one, but I didn't in the end because I saw quite a few Mexican guys getting super intoxicated with this "could-be-toxic" alcohol. Some guys even become heavily addicted to Mezcal and lose their mind....

I feel very healthy by refraining myself from these notorious Mexican alcohols : )


Okay. Now my stomach is absolutely delighted with all great Mexican food and it's time for me to move on.

My next destination is Cancun by a long long distance bus.
I'm not looking forward to Cancun at all, but I have a flight to Havana from Cancun and I'm super excited about going to Cuba for the first time in my life. Fidel Castro is awaiting my visit there!


Oh, one more thing to be mentioned.
A treat to finalize my time in Oaxaca City was Coconut-milk ice cream as pictured above.
Jake first discovered this ice cream and he suggested that I should also try it.
It turned out to be divine.

Gochisou-sama, Oaxaca City!


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