It took me over 24 hours by an ADO bus from Oaxaca City to Cancun yesterday. Huhh....
However, no time for me to relax in Cancun. I walked and walked all around the central part of Cancun and walked into seven different travel-agents today just to check the best flight deal to Cuba. The cheapest I could find was USD285.00 for a return ticket by Cubana Airlines - the only national carrier of Cuba (As of November 2011, AeroMexico also flies to Havana, but more expensive than Cubana.) This ticket for Cubana was selling at a travel agent near Cancun's main bus terminal, but the price didn't include a tourist card (about additional USD20.00) or tax to be paid at the airport (about another USD20.00).


In the end, Divermex, an official travel agent for Cubana Airlines (?) located in Plaza America on Coba Ave. was where I bought my flight ticket to Cuba for MXN4,600.00 (about USD333.00) including a tourist card as well as tax. Not cheap. Should I have bought my ticket on the Internet much earlier, the ticket price would have been a lot lower. Hindsight is 20/20. Yet I'm super excited about going to Cuba tomorrow.

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