A direct bus by ADO to Cancun airport was only MXP45.00 (about USD3.25).

While my flight to Havana by Cubana Airlines was being delayed for an hour, I met a Japanese backpacker in a queue to the check-in counter at the airport. His name was Aki from Hokkaido and a few years younger than me, but was already an experienced traveller: he had already travelled to many countries including some in Africa.
Aki was also flying to Havana on the same flight operated by Cubana today.


It was sunny and warm in Cancun and our plane was finally ready to fly one and a half hours later than originally scheduled.
I couldn't figure out if our fleet was going to be Airbus or Tupolev and I was strongly hoping for an Airbus, but it turned out to be a Tupolev as the seat arrangement was looking odd.
The photo below shows a very spacious leg room in front of my seat. How lucky was I to have this much leg room in the economy class?!



Despite some bad reputations as well as bad safety records held by Cubana, very fortunately, it was clear blue sky and my flight was smooth without any dramas or problems. Additionally, the in-flight snack (nuts and crackers) was surprisingly good, although a flight attendant was looking exhausted for some reason.



As soon as the plane landed in Havana, Aki and I picked up our luggage and walked straight to the money changer inside Havana airport. We needed to change our money to Cuban Convertible Pesos (CUC) and Cuban Pesos (CUP).


It's a little complicated to explain the difference in these two currencies: in short, CUCs are for tourists and CUPs are for Cuban people. We as tourists still need some CUPs if wanting to buy stuff at local shops and to eat at local restaurants.


Cuba was initially included in my itinerary for my previous RTW trip. However, I spent a lot more time than expected in both Central and South America. As a result, my trip to Cuba had to be postponed then.
Now I finally set foot in this last true communism nation in the world. Exciting!


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