I took the above photo from the balcony at my guesthouse this morning.
It was sunny today and it was going to get hot. Very hot!


Today was another day for me to spend cruising around Havana. I never became bored wandering around this city as there were so many cool retro cars everywhere. The whole city was like a museum to me.




I was really stoked to ride one of those classic American-vehicle cabs to go to the bus terminal today as I had to buy a bus ticket there for my next destination - Santiago de Cuba.



The fare was only CUP10.00 and I bought an overnight-bus ticket for Santiago de Cuba then.
Funnily enough, while the taxi-fare was only CUP10.00 one way (about EUR0.33), the bus-fare was CUC51.00 one way (about EUR40.00). The name of the bus company was called Viazul.

!!!!! Note !!!!!
There is also another bus company called Astro which is much much cheaper than Viazul. However, Astro buses are only for Cuban people and foreigners are not supposed to (or allowed to?) ride it.
Nonetheless, (technically speaking) you could ride an Astro bus if you were able to speak fluent Spanish.


All the Japanese youngsters who I met at our guesthouse will be staying in Havana for at least another few weeks. Meanwhile, I'm leaving for Santiago de Cuba tonight.
There is still something super magnetic about Havana. So I will be back here in a few days.


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