Another bus trip by Viazul again, but no more overnight with the deadly freezing air-conditioner. It was a day trip this time and I went back to Havana.


I had a good time in both Santiago de Cuba and Trinidad, but nothing could compare to Havana. There was something very magnetic in that capital city and I was strongly attracted to it. Unfortunately, I only had a couple more days in Cuba and I wanted to enjoy cruising around Havana to finalize my time here.





I stayed in Ihovanna and Gerado's guesthouse again where I was reunited with Taku, Take and Aki.
Like what happened to me on my very first night in Havana, all the boys were keen on going out tonight, possibly to a disco or a nightclub for salsa-dancing as Take was very eager to not only try salsa-dancing, but also to hook up with a cute local Cuban girl.


We caught a taxi from downtown Havana to this salsa-dancing club tonight where a lot of people - local boys, girls, seniors and foreigners like us - gathered around. We were all dancing and drinking.
I did admit in my previous article that I really sucked at salsa-dancing, but with very smooth Cuban rum as well as charming Cuban girls on the dance floor (or sometimes cheerful and pushy women over 50s) I just surrendered myself to this lovely night and tried a bit of salsa with a couple of Cuban women.




The photo below shows tonight's Japanese salsa boys (From right: Aki, Taku, Take and me).
We all had a blast! And we were drunk.



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