With no high expectations or no sheer excitement, I found myself not enjoying New York.
It was mostly because I spent the past several months in Central and South America where things were less hectic and people were more relaxed than in New York.
I'm not saying which is better or worse than the other, but New York was definitely different from all the other cities that I'd been to before and my brain was too slow to swallow such a big transition.



The weather in New York was cold and rainy. It was December and I should not complain about it.
Perhaps, the worst thing while I was in New York was a guesthouse called "K's Guestroom" which I stayed in. My room was a 6-bed dorm for USD25.00 per night with no breakfast, no clean sheet for my bed, no towel to hire and no receptionist.... I actually had to call her cellphone when I arrived in the guesthouse and she turned up 2 hours later! I do NOT recommend this place for anybody.

New York was oppressing rather than impressive to me. It was just a huge American metropolis with busy people and no surf! I might come back here one day on a business trip, but not on a holiday for sure.



Still there was one thing in New York that I really enjoyed.
It was Sushi that I had at a restaurant called "Sushi of Gari". I'm not sure if the restaurant was run by Japanese, but I could taste it right and good, though it cost me USD45.00!


" Ohh, I'm an alien. I'm a legal alien. I'm a Japanese man in New York! "


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