The reason why I chose Senegal was because, first of all (and always), it was surfable, and also because (I thought) Senegal would be a good hub for me to travel to a few other countries in west Africa.
Furthermore, one of my best friends Sakura's husband is Senegalese. I simply wanted to see what his country was like.


While being stuck for two days in Washington D.C. (Refer to the previous article "SA208" for more details), I got to know Senegalese guy Seydina who was living and working in San Francisco. He was now on his way back home in Dakar for Christmas by the same flight.

Despite full of passengers on SA208, our flight was smooth and we arrived in Dakar early in the evening - about 8 hours from Washington D.C. And the fleet would continue to Johannesburg after Dakar.
I was worried about whether or not my luggage arrived in Dakar after not seeing it for two days. Luckily enough, mine was there, but Seydina's wasn't....


Seydina and Seydina's brother were kind enough and gave me a lift from Dakar's shabby airport to the hostel called Annex Kingz Plaza - seemingly the only hostel in Dakar.
There was, however, one problem then. My surfboard bag was too big for his brother's car. So we carried it from the airport to the hostel on the rooftop of the car without any straps on it, but by holding it with our hands out of the windows. No police stopped us.

Welcome to Africa, hahaha!


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