Although the city of Dakar isn't impressive to me, there is one thing in this country that's blown my mind since I came here.
It's the Senegalese cuisine and the photos below show what I have tried so far;

1. Thebou Diene


This is the same dish that I had at Seydina's parents' house the other day (Refer to the previous article for more details).
The one pictured above is what I had at a local restaurant. It appears a little better than the home-made Thebou Diene served at Seydina's parents house (just came in a big bowl then), but they were equally good and tasty.The one in the above photo was only XOF2500 (about EUR3.80).

2. Maafe


This dish is quite famous in and outside Senegal. Even I knew the name before but never tried it until now.
It's basically peanut-based sauce with beef in it. It looks and tastes a little similar to Japanese Curry-rice. The sauce can be quite thick.

3. Yassa Poulet


Arguably, this is the most popular dish amongst Senegalese people and it's also my most favourite dishl.
It's a combination of spicy onion sauce with a piece of chicken and rice. Very simple, yet delicious! I can have this dish for lunch and dinner every day.

4. Unknown


I don't remember the name of this dish now (Can somebody tell me the name if you know it?). It was one of the daily specials at a local restaurant and a lovely Senegalese waitress highly recommended that I should try it. So I did with a little suspicion in the beginning, but it turned out to be very good.
The sauce was quite sticky: there might have been Okura used in it (?). I absolutely loved it, but it was in the daily menu. Thus. I never had another chance to try this dish again afterwards.

All of the above dishes are between XOF2,000 and XOF2,500 (about EUR3 ~ 3.50), and they come with rice whose grain is as small as a Japanese rice grain but not that sticky when cooked, It's almost like Basmati rice, but not that long. Do you understand what I mean? A great benefit of this type of rice is that I don't feel too heavy even after I had a huge portion of it. Having this quality rice in Senegal is not really what I expected!


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