***** ENG *****
I stayed at a small guesthouse very close to Sigiriya last night and today I headed straight to Sigiriya with Australian dentist Wayne (as pictured below) who I met at the guesthouse last night.
It was 8 o'clock in the morning then and we rushed there before floods of tourists would hit there by midday.

***** JPN *****
昨晩はシギリヤに凄く近いところにあるゲストハウスに泊まった。 今日はそのゲストハウスで知り合ったオーストラリア人歯科医師の Wayne (下の写真) と早速シギリヤに向かうことに。
現在は朝の8時。 大勢の観光客がシギリヤに向かう前に行かなくては。



***** ENG *****
When Wayne and I left our guesthouse, it was still sunny and partly cloudy, but by the time we reached the Lion's mouth (the entrance to the top of the Sirigiya rock), the sky had turned grey....
Five minutes later, the sky started dropping buckets of water along with strong winds.
There were quite a few stairs to the top of the Sigiriya's gigantic rock and we knew that there would be nowhere to shelter ourselves up on top. Therefore, we decided to stay at the corner of the Lion's mouth until it'd stop raining. Here we could dodge the strong winds and the rain didn't come in much.
The people who had already been on top started coming down. They were soaked to their bones.

***** JPN *****
シギリヤの頂上に到達するには結構急な階段を上がらないといけない。尚且つ頂上は丸裸で雨と強風をかわすような所なんて無いと予想した僕らは入口の側の風をかわすことができる所に一時待機することに。 ここなら雨に濡れる心配もない。
既に頂上に到達していた人たちも耐えかねて僕らが待機している場所に下りてきた。 彼等は既に全身びしょ濡れ。


***** ENG *****
We waited at the corner of the Lion's mouth for almost an hour. It was still raining like cats and dogs. Wayne didn't want to wait any longer because he wanted to go to a national park in the afternoon: he left me and walked up the stairs by himself.
Meanwhile, I didn't mind waiting for another hour or so because I had no plan in the afternoon. I also knew that this rain wouldn't last too long. It was a typical tropical squall, I thought.

And I waited for another hour....

It still kept raining heavily....

Wayne had come back down by this time and gone back to our guesthouse. He got wet to the skin though. Then I looked around and realized that I was the only one waiting here.

What should I do?!

***** JPN *****
ライオンの口の側で結局 1 時間ほど待ってみた。 しかし雨と風が止む兆しは全くない。 Wayne は今日の午後に国立公園に行く予定をしていたのでこれ以上待てないと判断し、今から頂上を目指すことに。
僕の今日の予定はこのシギリヤの観光以外、特に予定は無かったので雨が止むまでもう暫く待つことに。 この雨が熱帯地方特有のスコールと信じきっていた自分は直ぐに止むだろうと過信していた。

そして 1 時間が経過。。。。


Wayne はこの時点で既に頂上から下りてきてゲストハウスへ戻っていた。 もちろん彼はびしょ濡れ。




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