It was not easy at all for me to be in infra-crippled Dakar with crutches. It took me almost a week to be able to walk without using them.
For the past few days I mostly spent my time at the hostel. Otherwise, I went out to nearby cafes or restaurants to eat. A lot of Senegalese people asked me about my leg and I tried to explain to them (in English, of course), but they didn't seem to get what sea urchins were....


I'm now writing down a few procedures to be taken if I ever step onto sea urchins again (I seriously hope not):

1. If you get thorns in your foot, ask somebody to help you walk without using the leg whose foot got the thorns. The more you walk by using the foot, the deeper the thorns go into your foot.
(If you get thorns in both of your feet, Ummm.... Try to fly then)

2. Put your foot into clean warm water and leave it there for a few minutes in order to soften the skin.

3. Get a needle (Senegalese people use a big thorn of a desert-plant) and dig the skin (where the thorn is) from the side with the needle.
(ie) if a thorn is stuck from the tip of your toe towards your foot, insert the needle either from the right or the left side of your toe and push it until it reaches under the thorn.

4. Push the needle up in order to "dig up" the whole skin-part where the thorn was stuck.

5. Normally, there is not only one thorn, there must be at least a few in your foot. Then repeat the above procedures.
"Once you succeed" in getting all the thorns out of your foot, apply anti-septic accordingly.


!!!!! Note !!!!!
* Try NOT to insert a needle into the same angle as how the thorn has gone in. Always insert the needle from the side.
* Try NOT to use tweezers because they could easily break the thorn up inside the skin.
* If the thorn's gone in too deeply and cannot be taken out, just apply anti-septic over it and see a doctor if necessary.
* I take no responsibility for what's written above.


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