While I was back on the island after New Year's Eve, there were about three days of good and big surf here at N'Gor. There were also quite a few surfers here from Europe on Christmas / New Year's holiday.

The surf conditions at N'Gor island heavily depend on the winds. If it's no winds, it is surely no problem at all. But it is often windy here in December and January and the best way to know whether the surf is good or not is to simply walk up to the break to see it on my own.





The water is a bit chilly. I was wearing a 2/2 wetsuit and shivering then. Better to have a good 3/2 wetsuit.
The visibility is surprisingly good, although it is not crystal-clear enough for us to spot where those nasty sea urchins are located in the water....



Another peculiar thing to be mentioned for N'Gor, especially N'Gor Right, is that even if the forecast shows 3 to 4ft swells, if the period is high enough (above 13 to 14 seconds), the actual wave-size is often over 7 to 8ft in a set.
I don't know how many times triple-over-head waves appeared out of nowhere and washed everybody away.


The photos below were taken by German surfer Christian on one of those good and big days at N'Gor Right. Most of these guys in the photos are German, and despite the fact that they are from the country where the surf is almost nonexistent, they surf quite well.
The last photo was Christian himself.






Oh, I've been having a huge problem when I surf these days.
It is my hair. My last hair cut by a hair-dresser was in San Sebastian, Spain in November 2010 and since then it's grown like a dodgy samurai in the late Edo-period.
It's now certainly reached the point where it's too long and too hot. My hair covers my entire face every time I duck-dive. Or I sometimes miss a good set-wave because my hair drips water over my eyes and I can't see anything.
It was time for me to have a hair-cut, but I realized that cutting-hair in Senegal wasn't so common as most men here have their heads shaved or simply bald....
Luckily, Jesper's wife Soraya was a professional hair-dresser. So I asked her to cut my hair one day
The below are how it was done.



Normally, I never ask women to cut my hair. I always believe that it has to be a man for my hair-cut due to the fact that I've had a few bad experiences with female hair-dressers before.
However, Soraya was very good at it and I really liked what she'd done.
She's the first female hair-dresser who I can trust in for my hair cut.

Merci beaucoup, Soraya!



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