N'Gor isn't the only place for surfing around Dakar. There are a few other surfable spots in this region, depending on the swell size as well as the swell/wind directions on the day.






Whenever the winds turned onshore around N'Gor island, I took a boat back to the main land and walked with my surfboard (as pictured above) to check the other spots.
These spots are more sensitive to S and SW swells than N'Gor island. The below are some of the spots over the other side of N'Gor;

* Secret
Quite small when I was there, but waves peeled nicely over the reefs and rocks (with sea urchins). I don't know why it's called "Secret". There was actually a big sign in front of this break proudly saying "SECRET".


* Vivier
Next to Secret, but waves can be hollower than in Secret. The left starts to work from mid to high tides.


* Club Med
I never had a chance to surf here because the swells weren't big enough for Club Med while I was in Senegal. There used to be a Club Med in front of this break. That's where this name came from.

* Quakum
I never surfed here. It's said to be "African Pipeline", but I personally doubt it. Still the waves here look really good when it's cooking.

Furthermore, there are a few more spots for surfing around Dakar. More details can be found at Jesper's website (N'Gor Surf Camp).

I'm taking a little break now as the forecast for the next few days around Dakar is supposed to be small.
While I'm leaving my surfboards at Jesper's camp in N'Gor, I'm going to take a bus from Dakar to Bamako, Mali and will be travelling that landlocked country for a couple of weeks to see something more Africa.


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