Today's bus-journey from Bamako to Mopti was by Africa Tours Trans (hereafter ATT). It was cleaner, newer and better than the bus I took from Dakar to Bamako three days ago. It was still dark outside when the bus left Bamako just after 6am in the morning
Funnily enough, I thought that an air-conditioner inside a bus in Africa was an urban myth, but it really existed! Today's ATT bus did have an air-con and it was working! The only small problem I had with this ATT bus was that the seat arrangement was quite tight. I had a big African guy sitting next to me and one third of my seat was taken over by him....


Lunch was included in the fare (XOF9,000) and it was a piece of bread with chicken marinated in tomato sauce as well as a bottle of Coca Cola. Not such a delicious meal, but it was definitely better (and seemingly safer?) than the suspicious goat meat that I had on my way from Dakar to Bamako.


The bus was going through a vast dry bushland.
Agriculture is said to be one of the biggest industries in Mali, but I didn't see any farms or farmers at all on our way. The land looked too dry for farming to me.


The bus was supposed to arrive in Mopti around 15pm, but because we made a few stops and once we had a flat tyre (again!), it was almost 17pm when we finally arrived in Mopti.


Unlike Bamako which is the capital of Mali with lots of people and crazy traffic during the day, Mopti is seemingly a small town with calm Niger River running through.




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