I waited for two days in Mopti, hoping to meet other travellers who were interested in going hiking to Dogon Country with me and I only met one traveller, a German guy in his 50s. The very reason why I waited for others to join me was to reduce the price of hiring a guide to Dogon - the more people I go on a hike with, the cheaper it will be for each participant.
Unfortunately, this German guy already made a contract for himself with a local guide for XOF30,000 per day (about USD60.00), which was waaaaaaay over my budget! Now there seems to be nobody else going hiking in Dogon....

Two British backpackers I had met at the hotel in Mopti a couple of days earlier told me about their hike in Dogon. They along with another American girl paid only XOF15,000 per day for each (about USD30.00), and they did it for three nights and four days. They highly recommended their guide Bebe for me. So I arranged a meeting with him late this evening in order to negotiate the price for my own hiking.

Bebe showed up just after 18pm at the roof-top restaurant of my hotel. He came from Bandiagara - a small town located between Mopti and Dogon. He wasn't tall but looked quite fit and appeared to be a bit younger than me. He spoke good English and told me that the price was XOF75,000 (XOF25,000 per day) for two nights and three days, which was a little too expensive for me.
After a few Yes-No-Yes-No discussions with him, I managed to put it down to XOF65,000 (about XOF21,650 per day) for which Bebe was saying " Ahhhhh, Ohhh kaaay...."
Before we fully agreed on this price, I double-checked with Bebe what would be included and NOT included in my contract. The below are what was written in my contract:

* Transportation between Bandiagara and Dogon is included
* Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included
* Taxes and entry-fees to all villages in Dogon are included
* Guide fees and accommodation are included
* What aren't included are; drinks such as mineral water and alcohol, souvenirs, and the transportation between Mopti and Bandiagara

The actual contract was all hand-written by me on a piece of paper. Bebe signed on it and I paid him XOF20,000 in cash as a deposit then.


So now the contract has been made. All I have to do is to get up early tomorrow morning to catch a bush taxi in Mopti around 7am for Bandiagara.
Although I'll be the only participant on this hike, I'm quite excited!

!!!!! Note !!!!!
A lot of Malian people told me that the tourism for this year was very quiet compared to the last few years, and most of them were blaming it on the recent news about a few murders and kidnappings of foreigners in the northern part of Mali. Even I as a short-term visitor easily notice that there are very few tourists in Mopti despite the fact that it's January - the busiest season of the year.


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