Today's bus-ride from Mopti back to Bamako is the last one to be had on my quest in Mali as I'm NOT gonna take a bus for going back to Dakar. I'm gonna FLY instead!
The bus company was ATT (Africa Tours Trans) - the same company and the same fare as before when I travelled from Bamako to Mopti a week ago. The only difference this time compared to the last time was that today's bus was very old without ACs and it was packed! I was only hoping that the bus was not going to break down on our way.

The bus left Mopti around 7am. It didn't break down and arrived in Bamako just before 17pm. However, there were two minor incidents on our way and they should be written out in this article.


***** 1st Incident *****
It happened when the bus nearly reached Segou, a decent-size city between Bamako and Mopti. I was just looking outside through the window when I suddenly heard a bang.
The bus quickly slowed down and then I saw a big cow violently spinning upside-down on the ground. Obviously, our bus hit this cow and a few villagers were running amok towards the cow to rescue it.
I was hoping that the bus driver was going to stop for this cow and also to inspect any damage on the bus, but he only slowed down for a few seconds and left the scene as if nothing had happened.
I felt so guilty afterwards as I witnessed the spinning cow, but we did nothing for it.

***** 2nd Incident *****
It happened when the bus was going halfway between Segou and Bamako. The road was super bumpy and I started feeling like I was experiencing a small earthquake on the bus.
As the bus kept on going on the super bumpy road, the ceiling of our bus started shaking and making some funny noise. Then all of a sudden, a steel-cover of the air-conditioner attached to the ceiling fell right onto my head!
For a few seconds, I couldn't comprehend what had just happened to me, but I knew something fell right onto my head because the steel-cover came down in front of my eyes.
The luckiest thing was that I had my sun-glasses on my head then. So the steel-cover hit the glasses but not my head.
I didn't get hurt in the end and I was just laughing so hard at myself.

These two incidents thoroughly reminded me of the three simple words:

" This is Africa! "



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