Back in Bamako, I slept in a tent at the front-yard of the Sleeping Camel last night because their dormitory was full, but it was surprisingly comfortable and I slept well.


That border-crossing bus was such a trauma for me (Refer to the past article for more details). Therefore, I left this landlocked country by air, even though flying cost me five times more than the bus.


Air Burkina was the airline that I flew with today, and there was a bit of a drama with a Malian custom officer when I checked in at the airport. He kept asking me all kinds of questions such as "Why did I come to Mali by land?", "Where do I have an entry stamp?", "Do I have an yellow-fever vaccination certificate?" etc etc. He was clearly corrupted!

Although it was a short-distance flight, an in-flight meal was provided as shown in the photo below. It was very basic and mediocre.


Okay! This is it for my time in Mali and I'll be back in Dakar for more surfing.
Mali was very unique and very hot! The only regret I now have is that I did not go to Timbuktu - a legendary town located in the north of Niger River and the gateway to the Sahara desert.
Like the famous saying goes, Timbuktu seemed so faraway to me.... Oh well, maybe next time!


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