It's been almost two months in total since I came to West Africa. I never initially planned to stay this long, it just happened.
My next destination is South Africa and I never initially planned it either. I was thinking of going to Morocco after Senegal, but I changed my mind in the last minute.


The below is the summary of my time in Senegal and Mali:

* Senegalese food was great, whereas Malian food was Umm.... I never found it enjoyable.
* I often had a baguette with some sort of mayonnaise-based paste and a boiled egg mixed in it for breakfast. Funnily enough, the yolk of an egg in this part of the world is quite white, not yellowish.
* If you ever step onto sea-urchins, take the thorns out as soon as you can and eat the urchins for Sushi.
* I took medication for Malaria-prevention only in Mali. Despite the fact that it was dry season in West Africa, I was just extremely lucky that I never got it.
* Haggling prices for fruits, veggies and taxis was extremely difficult, especially in Dakar. If I suggested a little lower price than the original price to street vendors, they always had a strong No and refused to sell me anything.
* Public buses in terms of comfort and punctuality are probably the worst amongst all the countries that I've been to before. There used to be a train between Senegal and Mali, but it's out of service as of January 2012.
* The long-distance bus between Dakar and Bamako was super exhausting. I highly recommend flying for everyone.
* Very few people in both Senegal and Mali speak English. Although the French language that they speak sounds much clearer to my ears than the actual French people, I hardly understand what they say: I'm not a big fan of French.
* Surfing in Dakar area can be fickle in December and January: the swells are fairly consistent, but it heavily depends on the direction of the seemingly seasonal trade-wind from the desert.
* I didn't explore much of Senegal this time. Saint-Louis and Casamance region as well as Timbuktu in Northern Mali should be on my radar next time.


My very last night in West Africa was spent inside Dakar international airport. The departure time of my flight for Johannesburg was very early in the morning and it was that infamous SA208 again!

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