My flight from Dakar to Johannesburg (hereafter Joburg) was just over 8 hours and then I caught another flight from Joburg to Durban.
It was just after 10pm when I finally arrived in Durban. No problem and no drama on these two flights other than the fact that I had a massive headache as I only slept a couple of hours inside Dakar airport last night and I could never sleep well during the flights....


Very fortunately, Jeremy - my South African surfie friend who was born and raised in Durban - kindly came to pick me up at Durban airport. I'll be staying at his apartment for the next few days.

Jeremy's apartment is located right in front of Dairy Beach, and I was woken up by him the next morning at 6am, "Esky! Good morning!!!"
The massive headache was gone by this morning, but I wanted to sleep for a few more hours. Yet Jem's calling was actually a good kick up the arse as this view (pictured below) came into my sleepy eyes from the balcony at his apartment.



Jem had to go to work this morning and gave me a bit of his local knowledge by saying "Winds usually come out after 9 or 10am. You should get out there as soon as you can!" My answer then was "Yes, my master!"

Unlike Senegal and Mali, both of which were dry hot when I was there, Durban is sticky hot and the humidity here seems as high as (or even higher than?) the middle of summer in Nagoya. Needless to say, the water temperature is also high and it is so good not having to wear a wetsuit anymore.





I went surfing at North Beach this morning, next to Dairy Beach. Waves were about 3ft on sets with light winds. As for my very first time to surf in Durban, this was good enough (Oh, it was also my very first time to jump off the pier with my surfboard!)


I came to South Africa for surfing, simply and purely for surfing. And I chose Durban for surfing, warm-water surfing.

My surf-trip in South Africa has begun from here in Durban.


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