My initial plan was to stay in Durban for only a couple of weeks, but I ended up staying there for four weeks. This is mostly because the surf here has been quite consistent with warm water.

Even though I may sound mad only about surfing, the below are some of the things that I have done or have taken place over the past four weeks;

1. Bed Bugs

I still can't believe that this has happened to me. I did hear from other backpackers before about getting bitten by bed bugs, but it never occurred to me until I got to Durban. It was this famous hostel in Durban (I don't mention the name in this article). I was bitten by them crazy loads, especially around my neck as shown in the photo below.


These nasty bugs sucked my blood and the bite-marks became so itchy, they lingered on for a week or so.
The photo below was what I captured right underneath my pillow.


I eventually notified the hostel owner of this incident and then I was placed into a new dormitory as well as having all my clothes washed and getting reimbursed for the past couple of the nights.
No more bite-marks on me after I moved into a new dorm, but I'm quite paranoid now.

2. Cricket Game

I used to live in Australia for three years and I always told other people that the least interesting sport for me to watch was Cricket.
Jeremy one day took me out for a cricket game and I now have changed my opinion on it.


While Jem and I were eating chips and burgers as the game was going on, Jem eagerly explained the rules and the scoring system of Cricket to me. The scores of both teams were tight and the whole game turned out to be quite intense towards the end. It was actually very fun.
Now Cricket is probably more interesting to watch than Baseball to me.


3. Wave House

Gateway Shopping Mall located just outside Durban "used to be" the largest shopping mall in the southern hemisphere and this is where surfers can go when the surf is completely flat.


There is indoor surf to be had at this mall and it's called "Wave House".

Did I give it a try? Of course! But it was bloody hard and totally different from surfing. It was actually flow-riding, not wave-riding. Those South African instructors made it look so easy, though.




4. Bunny Chow

Such a funny name and a funny looking dish, but this is Durban's speciality.
So what the heck is it???
It's basically a loaf of bread with a big hole in the middle where any kind of curry is poured in. Durban apparently has the biggest number of Indian immigrants in the world. No wonder curry is everywhere in this city.


5. Sin City Durban ???

Having spent four weeks in Durban, I actually start to like this city.
The beaches are beautiful and clean with warm water. People are laid-back and friendly. However, there is also the downside of Durban and it needs to be mentioned;


* Not Quite Africa
South Africa is indeed a part of the huge African continent, but compared to Senegal and Mali, Durban (and all other major cities in this country) seems well developed. The infrastructure is good, everybody speaks English, and shops and supermarkets have everything I need. I feel a huge gap between here and my time in West Africa.

* Crime Rate
Unfortunately, the crime rate of Durban is very high, not only petty crimes but also felonies. Quite a few South African people who I have met before have been either robbed or had their valuables stolen at least once before. Yet, they would still emphasize the fact that they were lucky enough to get away with it alive....


Getting bitten by bed-bugs is actually a piece of cake for people in Durban, I guess.


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