My South African friend Jeremy has been very helpful - picking me up at Durban airport, letting me crush at his apartment for a few days till I found a good hostel, and driving me around the north coast of Durban every weekend for surfing with no crowd.



We first met each other in Taiwan a couple of years ago and now we are reunited here. It's great to have a surfie friend like him who has such deep knowledge in surfing around Durban areas as well as this southern Africa. His past trips to Mozambique, Madagascar and Namibia are very inspiring and making me also want to go to these countries one day.


The above photo shows Jeremy surfing at Dairy Beach.
Despite the fact that he lives right in front of this beach, he rarely surfs here and often drives up the coast by himself in search for a lone-session. Perhaps it's a whole different story if you live here permanently.
I actually wish that I could live here for a while as the swell-consistency seems incredibly good at this part of the planet.

Waves such as those shown in the photos below are quite frequent here in Durban. No wonder the standard amongst South African surfers is extremely high.




One of the highlights during my stay in Durban was undoubtedly that enormous surf generated by tropical cyclone Irina (Refer to this Wikipedia article for more details about Irina).



The photos below were all taken on the Saturday (March 3rd) - one day before Irina landed on the coast.




It was actually very clean in the morning, but was busy due to the weekend crowd.
Waves were 5 ~ 7ft on sets with occasional bombs. They were very powerful and sometimes closing out like sand-guillotines.






It became quite windy with thick dark clouds late in the afternoon. On the following day it actually became too big, too wet and too windy. I still went surfing with my blue Al Merrick epoxy-board at Addington Beach, the south-end of Durban's city beach. It was super-stormy with violently strong winds and tons of rain. Unfortunately, I could not take any photos then.

Funnily enough, I remember asking Jeremy on my first day in Durban whether or not the south-end of the Durban beach would ever be surfable;

" Oh, that part is called Vetches. Sharp reefs at the bottom! " he tole me and went on saying " It only works a couple of times a year, you know. "

It only works a couple of times a year....?

I saw Vetches cooking on this Sunday :-)


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