Port Elizabeth (hereafter PE) was my next stop.
I wasn't interested in this city at all and my real destination was Jeffreys Bay, about an hour from PE by car (hereafter J-Bay), but there was no direct bus from East London to J-Bay unless I made a stop in PE and changed to another bus.
I took a coach bus called TRANSLUX from East London as shown in the above photo. I got off this bus at the railway station in PE and ended up in a hostel located in the middle of PE Central where there were only a few decent restaurants, a couple of gas-stations and a SPAR (South African supermarket).


On my third day at the hostel in PE, I met three German tourists - Reuben, Patricia and Christian. They were renting a small car and going to Addo National Park in the morning. I really just met them at the hostel while we were having breakfast in the kitchen and I simply asked if I could join them to Addo. Their reply was quick - "Yes, that's no problem!". There was one empty seat in their car and I was small enough to fit in it. Lucky me!


Despite the fact that it was still early March and also that we were in AFRICA, it was quite chilly with some clouds in the sky in Addo National Park.


We were thrilled to see animals so close to our car such as zebras, antelopes, jackals, buffaloes and elephants (elephants are what Addo is mostly famous for).






Interestingly enough, what made us even more thrilled than anything else was when we spotted a dung beetle on the road as shown in the photo below. It was quite amusing.


The only disappointment about our visit in Addo was the fact that we did not spot any lions. We actually had no idea if they were resting under the trees or hiding deeply in the bush. By midday we decided to leave Addo and drove to Schotia Private Game Reserve which was famous for a night safari with lions to be spotted.

To be continued.....


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