Despite my strong resistance to riding BazBus, I took it again from PE to Jeffreys Bay (hereafter J-Bay) simply because it was cheaper than TRANSLUX or Greyhound.

My hostel in J-Bay is called Ubuntu Backpackers located behind supermarket Checkers.
I'm staying in a 6-bed dorm for ZAR100.00 per night including breakfast - it's normally ZAR120 but ZAR100 per night is a weekly rate if staying for 7 nights.


A big surprise is that J-Bay is actually a decent-size town.
Jeffreys Bay is the name of a huge bay within which there appear to be quite a few sections such as Magnatubes, Boneyards, Supertubes (most famous), Tubes, Point, etc.... Luckily, Ubuntu is located within walking distance from all of these.


The above photo only shows Boneyards and Supertubes. Magnatubes is located a little further south from Boneyards, while all the other sections are located further north from Supertubes as shown in the panoramic photo below. Imagine if huge swells start to come into this bay....


Finally, I've come to where I've been longing to be for many years!!


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