I was surfing mostly at Tubes or The Point up until now due mainly to the lack of swells, but this morning the very first decent-size swells have arrived in J-Bay.
The photo above shows the view from the balcony in Ubuntu Backpackers overlooking Boneyards.


Waves were 4 to 5ft on sets with light cross-shore winds this morning. It was glassy enough with warm water at Supertubes.


Set waves had nice long shoulders. They looked like they were going to close out, but they never did.
Surprisingly, taking off on a wave at the outside section of Supertubes wasn't too difficult for me. It was actually relatively easy, but making the first section and staying in the pocket all the way through was quite difficult and it would definitely require me to have skills and experiences.



Today's waves were big enough for me to get the very first taste of Supertubes.
Hopefully, the next swell will bring some epic waves to have all the consecutive sections connected - from Boneyards or Supertubes through Impossibles, Coins, Salad Bowls and even up to Tubes or The Point. I keep my fingers crossed!


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