It's been three weeks since I came to J-Bay and I'm loving this town.
For many backpackers J-Bay must only be a little retirees' town with a few white-sand beaches. Whereas, for me J-Bay is a great surfie town with such a relaxing atmosphere.


So what have I been doing for the last three weeks when the surf is flat?
In fact, the surf has never been flat at all. There are always waves somewhere in this town. However, if winds pick up late in the morning or in the afternoon, I usually go for a walk on the beach, or I go to my favourite cafe/restaurant called "Nina's" and have some coffee or ice cream there.





The photo below shows the best dish at Nina's (I think), it was Thai-style stir fried vegetables and shrimps with rice. Quite tasty and it's only ZAR45 (about USD5.00). The best Asian food here in Africa for sure!


How about the night life in J-Bay???
Yes, there are a few pubs and restaurants here. The photo below shows the staff members and guests from Ubuntu Backpackers - one French woman, two French guys, one Dutch girl, two Aussie boys, Daryn (the owner), his girlfriend Carlie and me.
It was French woman Estelle's birthday then. So we all went out to a pub which oddly had Sushi on their menu....


Everybody seemed to enjoy their Sushi, but I didn't. It was crap! Nevertheless, we all had a good time with a few beers and cocktails.
Boozing is definitely something to do here in J-Bay other than surfing.



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