***** ENG *****
After spending last night in Batticaloa with uneasy feelings inside me, I took off to Arugum Bay by bus this morning.

Yes. Public Bus Again!

Because it's the Cheapest!

If I ever took a taxi there, it would cost me forty to fifty times more than the public bus.
I was fully aware that some bad luck keeps sticking around with me wherever I travelled by bus (Refer to the articles "Indonesian Bus 2 (2010/07/31)" and "Bad Luck with Buses?? (2010/08/16)"), but I had no other choice.
I asked a few Batticaloan people last night where and what time I should catch a bus for Arugum Bay. All of them told me that I could catch a bus from the only bus terminal in Batticaloa at 5:30am in the morning: apparently, this was the only bus to Arugum Bay every day.
I got to the bus terminal at 5:30am; I actually woke up at 4:30am just to secure enough time for going to the terminal and also for negotiating the fare to Arugum Bay with a bus conductor before hand. However, nobody was there and still dark outside then.... I was confused at this stage; it was not only one person who I asked about the bus, I asked at least three people last night, so the bus had to be coming here soon. I waited and waited anxiously as I didn't wanna end up spending another night in Batticaloa. And at 6:30am the bus finally showed up.

Who the hell told me to be here by 5:30am ?!

I got up at 4:30am for the bloody bus!

Time is money, man!

Anyway, THERE WAS a bus for me to Arugum Bay in the end. And needless to say, I had to do the daily Yes-No-Yes-No negotiation with a conductor for my fare. You know what?! This time the fare was 750RP (normally 125RP). I didn't make a scene at all and convinced myself by thinking that this was still cheaper than taking a taxi....
The bus ride from Batticaloa to Arugum Bay takes 4 to 5 hours and I became sleepy on the bus. Yet one thing I never thought of when taking a bus early in the morning was about to happen here: a morning rush hour! I didn't expect it at all in the middle of nowhere in Sri Lanka! Well of course, Sri Lankans have to go to work every morning and there is no railway around here, plus buses are the cheapest means for them and also this is the only bus for Arugum Bay every day. Ahhh.....

***** JPN *****
薄気味悪い気分を残しながら昨晩はバチカローアに一泊。 今からアルガムベイにバスで向かうことに。



もしタクシーで行こうとすれば、最低でもバスの運賃の 40~50倍 の料金を払わなくてはいけない。
もちろん、今回の僕の旅にて、何処へ行ってもバス乗車でいい思いをしていないのは十分承知 (過去記事 "Indonesian Bus 2 (2010/07/31)""Bad Luck with Buses?? (2010/08/16)" を参照)。 でも他選択肢が僕には無い。
みんな口を揃えて朝の5時半にバチカローア唯一のバスターミナルから出発すると教えてくれた。 このバスは一日に一便だけらしい。
バチカローアの人達に教わったとおりに朝の5時半にはバスターミナルに到着 (ターミナルへ歩いていく時間と運賃交渉に時間がかかっても良いようにと 4時半 には起床した)。 しかし・・・ ターミナルには誰もいない。 日の出までも後 30分 くらいありそう。。。
ちょっと困惑気味の自分。 でもよくよく考えると、昨晩は少なくとも 3人 の地元の人(???)にバスのことを聞いたので時間帯は間違いないはず。 とにかく待つしかないと思い、ここで待機。 ”今晩もバチカローアに一泊なのかぁ?” という一抹の不安が過ぎりつつバスが来るのをただ待つ。 そして 6時半 になってやっとバスが来た。

誰が 5時半 に此処へ来いって教えたんだー?!



ちょっと怒りながらもアルガムベイまで行けるバスが来たことに ほっ と肩をなでおろす。 もちろん面倒な運賃交渉もバスのコンダクターと開始。 今回の運賃は結局 750ルピー でおさまることに (正規の運賃は 125ルピー)。 まぁ、まだタクシーより断然安いから良しとすることに。。。。
バチカローアからアルガムベイまでのバスの旅はおよそ 4~5 時間かかる予定。 今朝は早かったので眠くなってきた。。。。 このバスの旅で一つ全く考慮していなかったことがあった。 それは朝の通勤ラッシュである! 全く僕の頭の中を過ぎらなかった。
もちろん、スリランカの皆さんも毎朝仕事へ行く必要があり。 アルガムベイまで列車は走っておらず。 バスが一番安い交通手段で、尚且つアルガムベイまでのバスは一日一便のみとくれば、これは大変だー

***** ENG *****
The bus wasn't only overcrowded: gas emissions, dust and noise all coming inside because there was no air-conditioner in this bus (Well, of course not!) and all windows were open. It was now officially confirmed that I do have some bad luck with buses everywhere I go!

When I eventually arrived in Arugum Bay, it was just after 13pm.
I wanted to go surfing straight away, but I was exhausted by such a hectic bus-ride: I just decided to take it easy today.

***** JPN *****
バスの混み具合っていったらもう半端じゃない。 またエアコンなんて贅沢なものはこのバスにあるわけがなく。 全ての窓が全開だから排気ガス、ホコリ、騒音などでバスの中はゴッチャ混ぜ。 僕のバスとの愛称の悪さはこれで間違いないことが証明された!

結局アルガムベイに着いたのは午後1時頃。 到着後、早速波乗りに行きたかったのだが、今朝のバス移動で既にくたくた。 今日はゆっくりすることに。

SR20100823 (0)

***** ENG *****
I'm staying at a place called Beach Hut which is apparently owned by a Sri Lankan guy. The location of this hut is close enough to the main surf spot - Main Break. It's 650RP per night for a private room, cheaper than today's bus! The above photo shows my room: and super cheap and cozy.

Finally, I can chill out and surf surf surf.

***** JPN *****
ここアルガムベイでは地元のスリランカ人が経営する Beach Hut という宿に泊まることに。
波乗りのメインのポイントまで近くて、上の写真にあるのが僕が泊まる部屋。 大きさも十分で快適。 そして一泊 650ルピー という破格。 これ今日乗って来たバスの運賃よりも安い!



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