Yesterday was the most crowded session at SuperTubes since I came to J-Bay two months ago. Most guys must've gathered here due to the forecast by MagicSeaweed which predicted 8 - 10ft solid swells for yesterday.
In fact, the swell was only 4 - 6ft on sets with about 30 guys out there. It was clean with offshore winds, but it was more crowd-management rather than surfing then.


So that was yesterday. But there was a little twist this morning as the swell-size suddenly jumped up to 8ft while MagicSeaweed and WindGuru predicted that the swell for today was smaller than that of yesterday.

It wasn't only the actual swell-size which surprised me this morning, but it was also the number of surfers at SuperTubes, only 5 guys out there at 8am. Surprise! Surprise!! Freezing and shivering, but I had no hesitation to paddle out there.


Waves were quite fat and wide. A few bombs came through at times and everyone was washed away then. A few more guys came out later, but it was never as crowded as yesterday. Everyone was waiting and taking their turn.

In terms of the quality of waves, the session I had this morning wasn't the best (the best one was on that Easter Monday. Refer to the previous article), but it was definitely the biggest swell I'd ever had in J-Bay. Moreover, all the guys out there this morning seemed happy about these unexpected swells. None of us had an ego or an attitude in the water.


A surprise often comes when I least expect it.
Another great session to be remembered for the rest of my life.


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