Since I came to South Africa early February I've been surfing almost every day. Now there is a small problem emerging - I have to get out of this country very soon due to the expiry of my current tourist visa for South Africa (maximum stay of 90 days).
Should I fly out of this country? Or should I travel to a neighbouring country such as Mozambique or Namibia by land??
Coincidentally, I met two Hawaiian guys at Ubuntu Backpackers and they were interested in exploring somewhere else other than South Africa for surfing.
Mozambique sounded very tempting to me, but Daryn (Ubuntu's owner) used to live there and told me that it was not the best season for surfing there.
Whereas, Namibia's best season usually starts from now on, and the best of the best would be from June and July till September.
A deal was made! Two Hawaiians, Makai and Ryan, and I decided to head to Namibia via Cape Town by bus.


We took a Greyhound bus at midnight at a gas station located just outside downtown J-Bay (pictured above) and the bus dropped us off in Cape Town the next morning. It's been so long since the last time I travelled by the infamous Greyhound bus!


Cape Town was cold and wet but quite beautiful. This city was nothing like Dakar or Bamako in West Africa. Cape Town looked to me very cosmopolitanised and vibrant. No wonder many European tourists flock into this city every year.


It would have been fun for me to stay in Cape Town for at least a few days, but my current mission was to head straight to Namibia.
Makai and Ryan already left for Namibia two days before me, and I had to catch up with them in Swakopmund as soon as I could (Swakopmund is a small sea-side town on the coast of Namibia).

No time for me to have a cuppa in this posh town!


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