The bus-ride from Cape Town to Windhoek, the capital of Namibia, took just over 20 hours in total and it was operated by Intercape. The fare was NAD920.00 (about JPY9,300) from Cape Town to Swakopmund via Windhoek. It was not cheap at all, but I definitely got what I paid for.
My seat on the bus from Cape Town to Windhoek was very spacious and comfortable, and the bus made a few stops for lunch, dinner and for our border-crossing between South Africa and Namibia. Furthermore, it wasn't packed like the Greyhound bus that I caught from J-Bay to Cape Town a few days ago.


The only downside of Intercape was that the company and crew members on the bus were so religious! Every now and then they made an announcement with prayers. I personally have nothing against Christianity, but they just made me feel a little awkward.

In Windhoek I had to change to a small bus for Swakopmund. It was still operated by Intercape and wasn't as comfortable as the previous bus, but it was at least transporting me. I was enjoying looking at the scenery through the window.


I arrived in Swakopmund at 14pm without any problems. It was sunny and dry with nice sea-breeze blowing through this desert country.
I'm here to meet up with two Hawaiian guys, Makai and Ryan who I met in J-Bay and should have arrived here a couple of days earlier.

Where the hell are they now???


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