Makai and Ryan finally e-mailed me yesterday and told me that they had scored some waves on Tuesday and Wednesday at a secret spot near Walvis Bay, but their story was not a happy-ending. They were apparently stuck there and had to camp for two nights without much food or water.
Their story goes; a local surfer gave them a lift to the secret spot after Makai and Ryan's rented car was stuck in the thick sand Tuesday morning (That's a little punishment because they abandoned me!) and he promised them that he would pick them up before sunset, but for some reason he never showed up. Makai and Ryan could have walked back with their surfboards and wetsuits to their crippled rented car (about 6~7km in distance through thick sand), but they were so psyched up for this sickest left-hander pointbreak. They decided to stay on the beach till the guy would show up.... Two days later he eventually showed up and gave them a lift back to their rented car which was covered with full of sand.
There is only one reasonable hostel in Walvis Bay called Loubser's B&B Backpackers. This is where they are staying at the moment.


I really don't know the credibility of their story, but it's been four days since I came to Namibia and I haven't surfed at all. This Tuesday seemed to be the day for me to paddle out at Thicklip, but I didn't.... (Refer to the previous article for more details.) I'm now seriously itching for some surf. So I decided to catch a taxi in Swakopmund and headed off for Walvis Bay to see Makai and Ryan still alive.


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