Makai, Ryan and I checked the secret spot by our shinning 4x4 this morning, but no luck again like yesterday.


It wasn't completely flat there but only shore-breaks. Yet, Makai was keen to paddle out (as always), while Ryan and I were saying "Nah! Not here! Even grommets find it hard to catch those!"


Instead of the secret spot, we decided to surf at Guns which was located between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay, and there we met a local guy called Niel at the parking lot just when we were putting on our wetsuits to paddle out to Guns. He was tall and appeared to be in his 40s.
We were chatting with him in the beginning and then he asked us where we'd gone surfing in Namibia so far. We told him that we went to Cape Cross and surfed there yesterday (Refer to the previous article for more details).
He then started revealing a whole story of what had happened to him at Cape Cross a couple of years earlier.


His story was astonishing, but giving us a shiver in the spine at the same time as he told us how he was attacked by bull seals at Main Break (the above photo shows the spot).
When he was telling us his ordeal, he even showed us the tip of his left ear bitten off, his small finger twisted in a funny way and a few bite marks on his legs. He apparently had to fight back so hard to get two bull seals off from him. What was even more astonishing about his story was that he later had to be hospitalized due to suspicious rabies.....
We became almost speechless and were so glad that we didn't let Makai paddle out at Main Break yesterday.


Waves at Guns were about 3ft on sets and were breaking both left and right with solid shoulders. It was sunny Sunday today. There were about 8 guys out in the water, which in Namibian terms, was crowded enough.


!!!!! Note !!!!!
We couldn't believe our eyes today when we drove in at a local gas station in Walvis Bay and refilled the gas tank of our 4x4.
We just simply started refilling the tank, but after a minute or two, our faces turned blue because it didn't stop and our 4x4 kept sucking more and more gas into its stomach.... And the bill turned out to be over NAD1,400 (almost USD150)!!!
We had no idea how this could be possible. We later found out that the second tank was also refilled and it cost us extra NAD700 then, but we didn't have to refill the second one as our rental company told us not to. Well, we clearly didn't pay much attention to the gas-filling meter then. As a result, each one of us paid over NAD450 for our shinning Toyota Hilux. Ouch!



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