I came to Namibia mainly for surfing, but I was also interested in exploring the inland part of Namibia and visiting national parks later. Whereas, Makai and Ryan came to Namibia simply for surfing.
When the surf was flat or it was too windy, we were cruising around Swakopmund and Walvis Bay with our 4x4.


Although it became very windy in the afternoon today, we accidentally found one "surfable" spot just near the jetty in Swakopmund. Makai was keen on surfing there (AS ALWAYS!) while Ryan and I were just saying to him "Off you go. We'll be watching and filming you!"
The below are the photos taken then.




We drove to some sand dunes between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay to watch the sunset today.
Makai took his surfboard out for sand-boarding which he kind of managed to do, although his very first try was a complete fiasco as he fell over from his head first right after he took off from the top of the dune. Ryan and I laughed at him so hard then :-)




Namibia is completely different from South Africa. The weather is much drier here and the scenery looks endless and sometimes ghostly.



!!!!! Note !!!!!
Oysters in Walvis Bay are superb! The heavy-smoking mama at Loubser's B&B ordered some big ones for us tonight. We just put them on the grill and waited till the shells opened. No sauce or spices required, but we just squeezed lime on them. Jawbreakingly delicious!



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