We've been checking the secret spot every morning for the past five days, but no luck at all despite the fact that the forecast says it's over 4 to 5ft swells with the period of 13 to 14 seconds.
In fact, we've actually been told by a few local surfers about a true recipe for this secret spot to work properly - we not only need big swells with the period of over 14 seconds, but also the swell direction has to be WSW. The swells that hit this coast over the past weekend were too southerly.
We wish we knew it before we made our ways to Namibia. Unfortunately, the secret spot has never shown us what is said to be "one of the world's longest and hollowest left-hander waves".


We were supposed to return our 4x4 this afternoon, but the car-rental company let us keep the car till tomorrow after Makai and Ryan explained to the owner what happened to us at that gas station on Sunday (Refer to the previous article for more details).
I wouldn't personally mind returning the car today, but Makai and Ryan were stoked to keep the 4x4 till tomorrow. We drove up to Cape Cross again.


We arrived in Cape Cross around 15pm today. None of us were interested in even taking a look at Main Break anymore, we headed straight to Factory Point where waves turned out to be really good with light cross-shore / offshore winds. Nobody else was around except a few playful seals.



Sunny with light offshore winds and a wave after a wave, each one of us took our turns.
Two of the photos below are Makai taking off and ripping the seemingly endless left-hander.




Makai and Ryan are leaving Namibia for Cape Town by Intercape bus tomorrow. This was our last surf session in Namibia. It was simply beautiful and we were so lucky to have these waves to only ourselves (The photo below shows Makai, Ryan and me from right).



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