As Makai and Ryan went back to South Africa yesterday, I started my own driving-trip around the inland part of Namibia. No more shining TOYOTA Hilux for me - too expensive and too big for this shabby Japanese traveller. Instead, I've been renting a VW Polo without A/C from AVIS since yesterday.


This Polo was about USD30.00 per day and it was actually a breaking price by Namibian standards. Even staff members at AVIS were surprised and wondered how I booked the car with this low price on the Internet. Lucky me!


Two things I wanted to do while renting this VW Polo were;

* To visit Himba people near a town called Kamanjab
* To drive through Etosha National Park and see tons of animals there

As far as I browsed through some websites on the Internet, there wasn't any cheap accommodation in Kamanjab, but one called "Korixas Rest Camp" - NAD200.00 for a single private room - was located in Korixas, about one and a half hours by driving south on a gravel road from Kamanjab. So I decided to be based in Korixas for two nights and went to Kamanjab on a day trip today.
The photo below shows the town of Korixas.


Once I arrived in Kamanjab, I asked a few local people about where I should go to meet Himba people. They told me to go to a lodge called "Gelbingen Lodge & Safaris", about 30km outside Kamanjab. This lodge would organise a guide for me to a Himba people's village nearby.

!!!!! Note !!!!!
In order for foreigners to visit this Himba village, it's highly recommended that you make a booking through Gelbingen Lodge & Safaris beforehand.


I drove my Polo to the lodge and arrived there just before 3pm. And then I was greeted by local Namibian man Emanuel who was going to be my guide.
What I found funny then was that Himba people's village was actually located right next to this lodge.... Emanuel and I just walked through a little gate and there Himba people were. Very easy.


There were no men in this village at the time of my visit and Emanuel explained to me that Himba men went to big towns for work. There were only women, women, women and a few kids, all of whom had very few clothes on....



Their distinctive red skin directly reflected the strong sun-light and appeared to shine so brightly to my eyes.

The other peculiarity of these Himba women was their hair-style. Emanuel told me that they were actually adding up wigs. Such a funky hair-style!



The photo below shows a Himba boy's hair style. The hair coming forward not backward is the key-point. I wouldn't say that it looked cool but very unique.


One of their main diets is corn (or meiz) as pictured below. Emanuel let me try it, and yes it exactly tasted corn.


My visit to these Himba people was just less than an hour, but it was very intriguing and I wish I could stay there a bit longer, perhaps, until sunset to see what kind of dinner they would have and what they would do after dark.
Oh well, the best way for me to stay longer in a village like this would be to marry to a local woman, I guess.


Just before I left their village, I told Emanuel to ask these Himba women if they were ever interested in me. Emanuel spoke to the women and replied to me; "They all said No thank you!" Hahaha....


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